Staying hydrated is vital for both body and mind, so having a fresh supply in any workplace or commercial setting can help to benefit everybody.

We supply both water machines and water coolers which can accommodate 18.9L water bottles in a stand along water cooler. Alternatively, they can be connected to your existing mains water supply. Our water bottle vending machines are installed by experts, and we can offer regular servicing and maintenance options to keep them running smoothly for longer.

Crane Bev Max 4

Crane Bev Max 4

  • Holds bottles and cans of different sizes
  • Loaded and vended without adjusting the set up
  • Illuminated glass front
Westomatic Elevate

Westomatic Elevate

  • 7” touch screen
  • Height adjustable so any bottle can be accommodated
  • First in – First out feature – item will be vended as per expiry date

Constant supplies of fresh water

Our water vending machines are proving popular in commercial settings, conference rooms, offices, receptions and waiting areas as everyone can enjoy their own bottled water. It provides a hygienic option with modern twists like our contactless payment systems, touch screen technology and a stock rotation system which monitors expiry dates to keep everything fresh.

A daily need

Staying hydrated is important for brain function and a range of other health benefits, so having a bottled water vending machine on your premises can prove valuable to everyone in supporting concentration and productivity whilst combatting fatigue.

We make sure that your vending machine is always working well for you thanks to our team of skilled engineers who will service and maintain your machine as well as fixing any issues that might arise.

Talk to us today about our water vending machines for Leicester businesses by contacting our team today on 01530 243415.

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