Contactless Vending Machine


With more and more people preferring contactless payments, can your vending machine options afford to miss out?

Fewer of us than ever now carry cash, so installing vending machines which only accept this method of payment can drastically limit the amount of people who can make use of them. We have a range of vending machines that incorporate cashless and contactless options and Apply Pay technology as well as coins.

This move towards contactless vending machines makes the whole process hassle-free for everyone and opens your machine up to many more potential customers. Our contactless and cashless vending machines are ready for businesses across Leicester to hire or purchase.


Nayax VPOS Touch device accepting:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Mobile app payments
  • QR codes Transactions
  • Contactless and swipe transactions

For more information on our contactless and cashless vending machines, please contact our team today on 01530 243415 to discuss your requirements.


Contactless payment makes sense for most people, but some are yet to upgrade their machines to this new technology. It is suitable for use in any business as part of an increasingly cashless society.

  1. Simple to use

Debit cards had already meant that the use of cash was declining, but as contactless payments have become more popular, many of us find that there are rarely coins hiding in the bottom of our pockets. By providing contactless payment methods on your vending machines, you can allow any customers, visitors and staff to make good use of them, with minimal fuss or effort.

  1. Improved hygiene

We are all very aware of the germs and bacteria that can make their way onto a screen or keypad, or even the coins that we carry, making many more people reticent to use them. By employing contactless technology you can instantly improve the health and safety of your workplace by reducing the unnecessary contact with these surfaces.

Cashless vending is available on most new machines, and it is possible to upgrade your existing machine to accommodate this too. It helps to reduce the number of touch points that people need to make when purchasing food and drink, reducing the transmission of germs and viruses.

  1. Time saving

We all know how much quicker and easier it is to tap a card against a reader rather than sift through change to see if you have the right amount. When using the machine every day, you could find that contactless vending machines could save hours of time amongst your workforce. It also reduces the need for you to cash up and visit the bank, with all of your profits being fed straight into your bank balance.

By not holding cash in the machine, you are also less vulnerable to attempts to steal or damage the machines.

Payment Quick Facts!

  • 83% of people in the UK use a contactless payment method (UK Finance)
  • There are 135 million contactless cards in circulation (UK Finance)
  • A third of adults pay through their mobile or smart watch (UK Finance)
  • Only 23% of payments in 2019 used cash (Bank of England)

Why choose our cashless vending machines?

Technology is always developing, and new methods of payment are appearing more and more frequently. Our cashless vending machines now even incorporate Apple/Google pay in order to better meet the needs of everyone who will use them. We can hire, lease or sell you machines which have this capability as well as upgrading your existing machines.

These vending machines sit perfectly within a canteen or equally well in a reception area, providing food and drink wherever it is needed. Not only can you offer contactless or cashless payments, you can also set up your new or used vending machines to offer loyalty schemes and rewards through free drinks to keep staff loyalty and moods high.

Once we have delivered and installed your vending machine, we will also employ our expert engineers when you need them to maintain, repair, and clean your machine as well as advise you on the best vending options for your business or space.

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