Our modern and compact used table-top coffee machines are the perfect way to offer barista-style hot drinks in a business environment.

These small and easy to use coffee machines sit neatly in any space, making them perfect for meetings, conferences and buffets.

Johnsons Vending Used Table Top Coffee Machines

Whether you are looking for something to provide extra drinks capacity for special events or something that can simply be put away when not in use, our table-top coffee machines provide the perfect solution.

You can offer Americano’s, latte’s or even a Cadbury’s hot chocolate at the touch of a button, making meetings convenient and comfortable. The machines all have a simple layout to ensure that anyone can use them, but still look stylish and professional.

Keurig K150

Keurig K150

  • Interactive colour touchscreen display
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • 5 cup sizes including travel mug

The benefits of a table-top coffee machine

Starting right

We are a nation that needs a good cup of coffee to get the day off to a good start. It becomes our fuel for almost everything that we do, especially when we are at work, so having a machine that offers great quality coffee on hand means everyone can start the day the right way. That little boost when they first arrive at work can make all the difference.

Enjoy an energy boost

We all know what it is like to feel those energy levels drop in the middle of the day, and a coffee is often the perfect pick-me-up. Keeping a machine nearby that can provide a lift whenever it is needed helps everybody to stay on top form.

Save time

For those coffee addicts who just have to get the perfect caffeine fix, a lot of time can be wasted going to and from the local coffee shop. When you can bring barista-style coffee into the workplace, you can save on time for everyone, with no need to queue up on the way into work, or to pop out in the middle of the day.

Make the right impression

We all like to make a good impression, so when visitors arrive, it is good to be able to offer them something special. With a table-top coffee machine it is quick and easy to offer customers and VIPs all of their favourites to help make them feel welcome and valued.

Increase productivity

When it comes to getting the most out of your employees, a coffee can be the perfect stimulant for productivity. Acting as the fuel to keep brains awake, it can be the start of some great ideas and can keep people working to their full potential all through the day.

An easy buying experience

Buying a coffee machine should be a straight-forward experience, which is why at Johnsons Vending we take a hassle-free approach. Our buying process is as simple as possible, and our trained engineers will make sure your used coffee machine is delivered to you in fantastic condition and is installed with minimal fuss. Even after your purchase, we will always be on hand whenever you need us.

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