Nothing quite beats the relief that a cold drink can bring at the right moment, which is why our used cold drink vending machines are ideal for any commercial or business setting.

Our used cold drinks vending machines have been refurbished to the highest standards, allowing you to offer all of your favourite brands in a stylish and easy to use system, a guaranteed success with customers and clients!

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Bev Max 1 Slim Vending Machine

Crane Bev Max 1 Slim

  • 35 selection
  • LED lights
  • Cans and bottles
Closed Fronted CanBottle Cold Drinks Vending Machine

Closed fronted can / bottle machine

  • LED lighting
  • 7 selection
  • Individually priced selections
Dixie Narco 276E Pepsi Branded Vending Machine

Dixie Narco 276E

  • Multi-pricing capability
  • Double depth high capacity bottle vending
  • Triple depth high capacity can vending

Why install a cold drinks machine?

First, who can resist the refreshing taste from a cold can of their favourite drink? A used cold drink vending machine is the perfect addition to any commercial or office environment and can be positioned in popular areas such as entrances, cafeterias, and offices due to their sleek design which don’t require much space.

Furthermore, a glass of water isn’t for everyone. However, hydration in the workplace is critical, so a cold drinks machine provides much more variety to staff members to ensure they are hydrated at all times. Our used cold drink machines ensure that all bottles and cans will be served at a cool and refreshing temperature.

Installing a cold drinks machine alongside a water cooler or hot drinks machine will provide your employees with multiple options, and a complete refreshment solution in your workplace. Furthermore, as employee wellbeing is a priority for many employers, our refreshment solutions can ensure that employees will be satisfied and catered for.

What are the benefits of a used cold drinks machine?

Second hand cold drinks machines have many benefits. They provide multiple options to staff and customers, which include diet and low sugar drinks; our range of used soft drinks machines will provide something for everyone.

A cold drinks machine will seamlessly blend in with other equipment as well such as a food & snack vending machine, water cooler or hot drinks machine to create a refreshment hub.

The various designs of cold drink vending machines give you flexibility, including having glass viewing panels to make choices even easier. Most machines also incorporate cash and contactless payment facilities and touch screen interfaces.


It is recommended to have your cold drink vending machine serviced annually to ensure it is in full working order and safe to use. Also, regular maintenance and cleaning is also advised and this can be carried out by a professional.

Why Johnsons Vending?

Johnsons Vending have over 15 years’ of industry experience and will help your business find a suitable refreshment solution. We can recommend, supply and install vending machines and also offer your business annual servicing and regular maintenance, to ensure your vending machine is in full working condition.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do contact our team friendly team today!

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