That water cooler moment is always a big talking point, but it’s no good without a water cooler! We supply a range of water coolers for hire or purchase for businesses and offices across Leicester.

Choosing the right water cooler for your workplace is easy with our fantastic range, no matter what space you have available. We have table top water coolers which can fit into even the smallest of offices, or floor standing machines that are designed to handle plenty of use. Both mean that you can offer fantastic hydration for staff and customers all through the day.

We understand that you might want a water cooler, but not the management and hassle that comes with it, which is why we offer a full water cooler hire service which includes supply, installation, maintenance and servicing. This means that you are always fully stocked, and our professional engineers will ensure that your machine is always in perfect working order.

Contact our team today on 01530 243415 to discuss your requirements and to find out more about our Leicester water cooler hire service, or purchasing your own machine.

AA First Artic Revolution Water Machine

Artic Revolution

  • Touch pad buttons to dispense water
  • Ambient & Cold water
  • Available in black or white
AA First Jazz Table Top Water Dispenser

Jazz Table Top

  • Chilled and Ambient or Chilled and Hot Features
  • 14cm dispensing height
Aquabeve Horizons CT Soft Touch Hot and Cold Water Machine

Aqua Beve Horizons CT Soft Touch

  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Illuminated spout makes dispensing easy
  • Removable dishwasher safe drip tray
AA First Jazz Floor Stand Water Dispenser

Jazz Floor Stand

  • Chilled and Ambient or Chilled and Hot Features
  • 14cm dispensing height
AA First Artic Chill 98 Water Machine

AA First Artic Chill

  • Option of ambient or cold
  • Button to dispense
  • 23cm Dispensing height
AquaBeve Inspirations Bottled Water Machine

AquaBeve Inspirations

  • High output refrigeration and heating system
  • Increased dispense height for user convenience
  • Energy star rated hot tank for efficient operation
Borg and Overstom B4 Water Dispenser

Borg and Overstrom B4

  • Touch sensitive control panel
  • High capacity dispense area for bottles and jugs
  • Options for chilled, ambient, hot and sparkling
Borg and Overstrom B5 Water Machine

Borg and Overstrom B5

  • Fully open, illuminated dispense area
  • Built-in leak detector
  • Chilled, ambient, hot and sparkling options
AquaBeve Inspirations Touchless

Aquabeve Inspirations Touchless

  • Sensor activated dispense
  • Dispense 4 inches higher for ease of dispense
  • Increased durability

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