A water boiler is a great way to make sure that your business can have instant hot water whenever you need it. We have commercial water boilers available for purchase or hire throughout Leicester.

At Johnsons Vending we have water boilers available in a range of styles and all designed for easy, space-saving table top use. The instant hot water means that any beverage can be made with ease, without the need to stand around waiting for a kettle to boil. These single tap water boilers have some terrific features including large drip trays and stainless steel covers. They also have user-friendly displays to make them easy to use and Tomlinson style taps.

We make looking after your catering water boiler as easy as possible with our fully managed solution. This means that our trained engineers will supply, install, service and maintain your machine to keep it functioning at its best at all times.

We have a wide range of catering and commercial boiling water machines that are great for offices, canteens and commercial premises. You can contact our team today on 01530 243415 to discuss your requirements and find out more about our options.

AA First 1200L Water Boiler

AA First 1200L

  • Mains connect, automatic filling
  • Large drip tray
  • Self-priming
AA First 1500L Water Boiler

AA First 1500L

  • Self diagnostic system
  • Unique point of use probe
  • Well insulated for minimal heat loss
AA First WA5 Water Boiler

AA First WA5

  • Electronically controlled
  • Stainless steel boiling chamber
  • Basic diagnosis with user friendly display
AA First Power Smart 3 Water Boiler

AA First Power Smart 3

  • Sleep Mode can save £40pa in electricity
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Eco sensor

What is a commercial water boiler?

Commercial and catering water boilers have a single tap that provides boiling water instantly. It is great for saving time during a break or for providing hot water for a large number of people at once. That is why they are now so popular in offices and conference spaces as well as at outside catering events. Our water boilers have auto filling capabilities so you will never run short of hot water and a sleep mode to keep you energy efficient. They also carry self-diagnosis tools to keep them working effectively.

What are the benefits of a commercial water boiler?

There is an old saying about a watched pot never boiling, and it can often feel the same when stood in front of a kettle. Waiting for the water to boil can hold up those in a rush or eat into precious downtime, so a water boiler is a great solution. By providing hot water instantly a commercial boiler can cut down waiting time and make workers happier and more productive with a steady supply of unlimited hot drinks.

If you are catering for an event, then our easy to transport catering water boilers are a convenient choice. They can be set up quickly and easily and allow you to make hot drinks for large numbers of people without leaving them waiting around.

How do I install a commercial water boiler?

Our team of skilled engineers are always on hand to install your single tap water boiler safely and efficiently. As we have a range of styles and sizes available they be slotted into all sorts of office and canteen corners.

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