Westomatic Elevate

Westomatic Elevate Bottle Vending Machine

Machine Features & Benefits:

  • 7” touch screen
  • Media advertising on screen
  • 648 Product Capacity
  • Height adjustable so any bottle can be accommodated
  • Perfect size for big name brands including Coca Cola
  • Accepts can, glass and PET products
  • First in – First out feature – item will be vended as per expiry date

Does your business want to provide employees with a varied choice of drinks? Look no further than our Westomatic Elevate vending machine. This vending machine can hold 648 cans and bottles and delivers a crisp and refreshing drink every time, the perfect thirst quencher.

The Westomatic Elevate features a 7” touch screen which clearly displays your drink selection and payment options. The storage within the vending machine is also height adjustable and can therefore hold both cans and bottles from big names such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, you can also add glass bottled products to the Westomatic Elevate!

When paired with one of our coffee vending machines, you can create an unbeatable combination that is guaranteed to please everyone in the office!

Width990mm (1140 Large)

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