Crane Bev Max 4 Media 35 Selection

Crane Bev Max 4 35 Selection Vending Machine

Machine Features & Benefits:

  • Holds bottles and cans of different sizes
  • Perfect size for big name brands including Coca Cola
  • Available in 2 model sizes
  • Loaded and vended without adjusting the set up
  • Fail Safe ramp
  • Self-containing modular refrigeration desk
  • Illuminated glass front
  • Accepts cash and card

Looking to provide your staff with a wide selection of drinks all year round? Our Crane Bev Max 4 can hold up to 35 different products to provide your staff with a selection of cold refreshments.

The Crane Bev Max 4 Media 35 Selection features an illuminated glass front that openly displays the drink selection. This vending machine can also hold cans and bottled of different sizes. The fail-safe ramp technology ensures that you will experience no delays in receiving your drink.

Furthermore, the Crane Bev Max 4 accepts both cash and card payments to cater for everyone in your business. Cash is securely stored within the vending machine and can only be accessed by those who are authorised.


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