Should I upgrade my Vending Machine to be contactless?

We all know the disappointment of eying up a vending machine to ultimately find out it only takes cash payment and you don’t have any with you. With 83% of people in the UK now using contactless, making sure your vending machine can accommodate as many people as possible is essential. You don’t want them digging through their pockets for change!

Impact of the pandemic

The way people live their lives has changed significantly from the impact of COVID-19. Most shops required contactless only payments to reduce the handling of money between people. Which in turn, made cash payments redundant – although the debate on whether cash is still king continues.

Many workplaces are now worried that installing or upgrading their vending machines would be an expense that has barely any return. Setting up a vending machine only for it to be a drain on resources is the opposite of what businesses want.

Now that the majority of the population are utilizing contactless payments, cash only vending machines are being pushed out and contactless with cards, Apple Pay and other similar contactless payment methods are taking over.

How can the Nayax VPOS Touch help?

You may think that if you want your snack or cold drink vending machines to have regular use, you might have to upgrade to a new model that can offer more advanced payment alternatives, but that is not the case. Our Nayax VPOS Touch can be fitted to almost any existing vending machine to help you transition to the now preferred methods of payment.

Our contactless card reader can accept payments from mobile apps, QR codes, pre-paid cards and of course, your usual debit or credit card. It has a continuous connection and can even monitor the inventory of the vending machine and let you know if something is running low or out of stock with alerts and reports.

The touchscreen is fitted with high-quality protective glass to keep it safe and even has voice capabilities to make it accessible for all people. These incredible specifications make it the perfect choice for any existing vending machine to bring it back to life.

Installing contactless vending machine readers

Having the option to upgrade your existing vending machine cuts a big expense of having to buy a new one. The installation for our readers is quick and easy and even gives people the option to still pay cash if they have some coins in their pockets.

If you want to learn more about how our contactless vending machine reader can help you, please get in contact with us today.