Can our eating habits be changed with Vending Machines?

It’s come to be expected to see a vending machine in most public spaces, offices and even healthcare settings. They have become an integral part of people’s lives and allow people to grab a quick snack or refuel their energy with a coffee without any of the hassle.

Due to vending machines being so easily accessible they’ve become a convenient option for many people on the go but they’re starting to change to accommodate the modern world.

History of vending machines

The vending machine goes back a lot further than most people expect. In the first century a Greek mathematician, named Hero Alexandria, invented a solution to worshippers taking more than their fair share of holy water. In exchange for a coin, the machine would dispense a certain amount of holy water for people to collect.

Eventually in the 18th century, people took notice and created their own that dispensed stationary items such as stamps, postcards and even newspapers. As these items were commonly used, having them supplied in vending machines was extremely convenient.

The snack vending machine didn’t come into fruition until the late 18th century when a German confectioner filled 15,000 vending machines with chocolate and put them out into the world. Since then, snack vending machines have taken over and to this day still supply people on the go with chocolate, snacks, and soft drinks.

These coin operated vending machines were a convenient way for people in a hurry to get a quick lunch, but times are changing and vending machines are adapting with them.

Modern vending machines

In the modern day, people are more aware of how our snack habits and favourite treats can affect their health and vending machines have adapted to offer healthier alternatives to the sugar filled snacks and drinks.

One machine that helps present these healthier options to passers-by, is the refrigerated vending machine. These machines can supply a variety of fresh foods including sandwiches, yoghurts, and fresh salads. They’re now found all over the world in office buildings, public spaces and healthcare settings offering healthier alternatives to people looking for an exciting and convenient lunch.

In the modern world, you won’t have to walk all the way to the coffee shop to refuel. Hot drink vending machines can provide people their choice of hot drink right there in the office. You can choose from a variety of delicious drinks that rival the baristas at your coffee shop.

The technology in vending machines has advanced too. Contactless payment is widely used across vending machines around the world and here in the UK. Especially now that 83% of brits are making fewer cash purchases.

The vending machine has made strides since the first century and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. They now help provide the average person with exciting and healthier meals wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. Providing varied diets and tasty treats won’t be the last things that vending machines can do.

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