Westomatic Easy 6000

Westomatic Easy 6000 Vending Machine

Machine Features & Benefits:

  • Fresh food at the push of a button
  • 8 Drums with up to 48 segments per drum
  • 384 max product capacity
  • Cooling compartment
  • First in – First out feature – item will be vended as per expiry date
  • Split pricing
  • Health control

Looking for fresh food at the push of a button? The Westomatic Easy 600 can provide up to 384 products within its 8 drum sections, and is the perfect fresh food vending machine to keep your staff fuelled up for the day.

The Westomatic Easy 600 cools food and snacks to the perfect serving temperature and thanks to its in-built health control, ensures that they are safely stored and are fresh to be served throughout the day. The 8 drums that hold and display the food are also dishwasher friendly so they can be regularly cleaned and maintained.

The first-in, first-out feature guarantees that items will be vended as per expiry date, this helps ensure that no food will be wasted. Our Westomatic Easy 600 snack vending machine is sleek and will blend into your office surroundings and alongside your other vending solutions.


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