Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA Hot Drinks Machine

Coffetek Vitro X1 MIA Coffee Machine

Machine Features & Benefits:

  • Extensive menu of hot and cold drinks
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Different cup sizes
  • Illuminated dispense area
  • Programmable foam density and texture for each beverage
  • Delicious fresh milk
  • Smart fridge temperature sensor and milk level sensor

Drink Selection:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Mocha
  • Latte
  • Hot Water

Want to offer your employees the finest bean to cup and barista-style coffee? What the option for cold coffee on a hot summers day? Introducing the Vitro X1 MIA, where you can expect high-quality hot drinks such as black or white coffee, latte, cappuccino, americano, hot chocolate, tea, and now cold coffees too!

The Vitro X1 MIA features the latest technology to ensure delicious drinks every time. The micro-injected air technology creates a beautifully thick foam, which can be programmable for each beverage so you can adjust the density and texture.

The delicious fresh milk means you’re able to offer cold drinks, from coffee to milkshakes. When teamed up with our ice machine it allows the perfect offering of both hot, cold and iced coffee.


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